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Islam is an intelligent religion. The laws are there to serve human beings; we are not there to serve the law. We are there to serve Allah, and that is why whenever the law does not serve you, you are permitted to abandon it, and that is actually following the law. That is where the confusion lies because people do not realize that. The law is for our benefit, not for our harm. Therefore, if the law harms us, we no longer have to abide by it. For example, pig is prohibited because it harms us, but if we are going to die without eating pig, we do not follow the law anymore because now the law says eat the pig. If you are worshipping the law, then you cannot understand that. You cannot worship the sacred law because the law is there to serve you; it is for your maslaha, your benefit, and that is our fiqh.
Hamza Yusuf 

(Source: tmihijabi)

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If you knew what the Prophet did for you, you would fall in love with him. Not just for you, but for humanity.
Shaykh Hamza Yusuf (via verse2verse)

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The Ocean of Dunya

Detachment does not even mean that we cannot own things of the dunya. In fact many of the greatest companions were wealthy. Rather, detachment is that we view and interact with thedunya for what it really is: just a means. Detachment is when the dunya remains in our hand – not in our heart. As `Ali (ra) expressed beautifully, “Detachment is not that you should own nothing, but that nothing should own you.”


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